Teacher of Maths - Buckinghamshire

Teacher of Mathematics To commence September 2017 (The position is full time and permanent) ...

Teacher of DT - Hertfordshire

We are looking for a teacher of Design and Technology (Food Technology Specialism) This positio...


Apple Teachers is a recruitment consultancy that specialises in the recruitment of teachers on a permanent basis in secondary schools in the Buckinghamshire area. Using our teaching and recruitment expertise, our aim is to develop sustainable relationships with both schools and teachers in order to fully understand and meet their needs.

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How can we help you?

Simply give us your details and we'll contact you as soon as a suitable vacancy becomes available. If you like what you see all you have to do is complete one of our application forms and we'll do the rest! We'll also give you interview practice and advice if you would like it to help you to get the position. This won't cost you a penny! Please check out our existing vacancies.


How can we help you?

Just let us have the details of your vacancy and we'll advertise it and do a thorough search of all our candidates. We'll reference potential applicants and interview them ourselves before forwarding their profiles onto you. We like to visit all the schools we work with so that we can give as much information as possible to our candidates and of course this will help us to find someone who will be a great match for your school. Please contact us to advise us of your vacancies.